Air Relax uses the most advanced digitally controlled air pressure system to provide dynamic compression to limbs compromised by poor circulation. At Optimize, we use this system to treat injuries and enhance training.

Most athletes are interested in reducing their recovery time following exercise or sporting events. Air Relax delivers that natural sequential compression and flushes waste—which is the cause of soreness and fatigue in the muscles. If you are looking to decrease recovery time between workouts or decrease recovery time from an injury, Optimize Physiotherapy and Air Relax can get you there. Air Relax is commonly used for the following:

  • Venous insufficiency
  • Lymphedema
  • Sport injuries
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Other circulatory and peripheral vascular conditions
  • Rapid recovery
  • Maximizes the ability to refuel, re-hydrate, relax, and recover
  • Helps to integrate effective daily recovery into training programs
  • Provides the competitive edge to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Boosts your performance and takes you to the next level