Optimize is known for using a combination of manual, hands-on therapy and leading-edge, technology-driven rehabilitation. Video allows us to analyze and dissect human movement. As experienced clinicians, we can use our observational skills to diagnose movement dysfunction and isolate an issue in a particular movement pattern.

During an assessment, your physiotherapist may decide to make use of this tool. Your therapist can use video analysis (with your consent) to break down the phases of the movement in question, and thoroughly educate you on how to correct the particular problem or improve the pattern. 

This is especially beneficial if you’re an athlete of any kind. Here at Optimize, we take special interest in the analysis of sport-specific movements. Our physiotherapists have extensive experience in evaluating these often-complex movement patterns, and then can determine deficits and areas of concern for injury in people of all ages. 

Movement analysis at Optimize can enhance your athletic function, get you returning to your sport quicker after an injury, and even lower your risk of stress or injuries from overuse of a particular joint. Athlete or not, you can reach your next level of performance with the help of analysis.