Sometimes, getting into the clinic isn’t always a possibility.
We understand and that’s why we’ve created O2 – Optimize Online.

Although it’s virtual, the results are real. Our online platform works well for us to get to know you and how you live, work and play, and optimize your body for all the ways you want to move it. After all, this is a competition between only two people—who you are now, and who you have the potential to be. Together we work on your personal treatment plan to give you every possible advantage, right here in our private and focused online space.

This is a safe, secure and easy way for us to connect remotely. Optimize uses, which is a trusted online platform that complies with the security and privacy requirements of Canada’s healthcare industry.

Want to give it a try? Read on!

All You Need

  • An internet connection
  • A webcam (phone/computer/tablet)
  • Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

What To Expect

  • A thorough history of what is currently going on with your injury and physical exam via video conference
  • Mobility exercises, stretching, stability exercises, and functional strengthening
  • Detailed home exercise program emailed after each session
  • An open line of communication via email following your appointment
  • Approximately 20 minutes of video conferencing complies with all PHIPA procedures and processes:

  • does not store patient information
  • video calls are an encrypted peer-to-peer connection between the provider and the patient, meaning data is exchanged through the internet directly between the two participants
  • meets HIPAA and GDPR requirements

How To Book

Call 780-455-5068


DM us on Instagram and Facebook @optimizephysio