Maintaining optimal Pelvic Health is essential for the proper functioning and management of your bladder, bowel, and reproductive organs. It is also critical for your overall physical, mental, social, and sexual well-being.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can lead to numerous complications and negatively impact your quality of life. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize Pelvic Health and take steps to ensure its optimal functioning and management.

One in three women in Canada has some Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Pregnancy and childbirth, Pelvic Surgery, or Traumatic Pelvic Injuries can all be causes of dysfunction of your Pelvic Floor.

If you have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, you may:

  • experience stress incontinence (urine leakage with laughing, coughing, or exercise)
  • have urgency or increase in frequency of urination
  • feel pelvic pain
  • be in Postpartum recovery
  • have been diagnosed with Diastasis recti
  • be in preparation for birth
  • experience pelvic organ prolapse

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy or Postpartum Chiropractic Care can help you heal and strengthen your Pelvic Floor.


Pelvic Health Brochure (3 MB)

Last Updated April 6, 2021