Fascial movement taping (FMT) is a form of kinesiology taping based on the concept that multiple muscles in the body act as a chain. Traditional taping methods tend to focus on individual muscle action, while FMT makes use of these movement patterns to improve rehabilitation, enhancing movement, posture, and sports performance.

The basis of this technique is based on the elasticity and flexibility of the tape—offering support but still allowing for a full range of motion. Invented back in the 1970s by a chiropractic doctor in Japan, kinesio tape was the opposite of stiff medical tape. The idea was to create something that acted similarly to the elasticity of human skin. Today, many forms of kinesio tape are widely used by professional athletes, physical therapists, and trainers alike.

Optimize’s therapists are certified providers of FMT with a special focus in RockTape. We also offer a variety of taping products for purchase at the clinic.