Your first appointment will consist of a thorough assessment, including history of your current injury, medical history, goals and a full physical exam to determine your diagnosis. After that, you will receive treatment from your physiotherapist within that same appointment. This will likely include manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and any adjunct modalities that are warranted. 

Your first appointment will most likely run between 45 minutes to an hour. Please plan to be at the clinic for at least an hour for your first visit.

Since physiotherapy is a direct care, you don’t need to see a doctor prior to attending physiotherapy. We like to think about it this way: if you feel you may have a medical condition or need medication, visit a doctor first. If you feel your condition doesn’t fall into this category, but you’re still in pain, having limited range of motion, difficulty with movement or physical performance and/or weakness—come straight to a physiotherapist.

The easy answer? Right away! Your treatment always differs, depending on where you are at in your recovery. Immediately after an injury is no different. In those early stages, a visit to our clinic will diagnose your injury, educate you on how to manage it for the first week, decrease your pain with modalities, and set you up for optimized rehab and recovery.

Some insurance companies do require a doctor’s note for coverage, but physiotherapy is a direct care service—no doctor’s referral required.

Your individual insurance company can best answer this question. Most won’t require a doctor’s referral, but if you’re unsure, call them with your plan information to double check.

Physiotherapy is important to ensure healing is done in an optimal environment. We help to prevent delays in healing, and issues with healing by-products such as scar tissue, stiffness, and/or poor biomechanics (compensation). It’s all about feeling as best as you possibly can to optimize your life!

No, chiropractors can help get you better when injuries or conditions arise and send you on your way. However, some individuals with repetitive or physical jobs and sporting activities can benefit from continued maintenance care with chiropractors. Maintenance care usually consists of going in for treatment once every 1-3 months.

Chiropractors are spine experts but can treat the issues that arise within the whole body.

Yes! Chiropractic care can be a very gentle and effective approach to treating issues that arise in the early stages of life.

No, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of ‘getting cracked’, ask our chiropractor about other techniques that can be performed to help get you moving and feeling better!

No, this maneuver is not allowed in Alberta and some other provinces.

An adjustment or manipulation is a high velocity, low amplitude thrust, meaning a small, quick movement targeting a specific joint to help improve range of motion, reduce muscular tension, and provide pain relief. Often, but not always, a manipulation is accompanied by a click or pop sound.

No. Chiropractors are legislated as primary healthcare practitioners which means you can consult them directly.

No! X-rays are not required to start care in most cases, however, if your chiropractor is concerned about something more severe going on, they may refer you for an x-ray before initiating treatment.