Patient Success Story: Mike Kan

Grit. Grind. Greatness. CrossFitter and Optimize Physio client Mike Kan gets real about injury, success and carving out your own path.

By Optimize Physiotherapy
April 14, 2021

The Good Fight: Winning Against ‘Tech Neck’

Whether it’s a steady stream of Zoom meetings or our latest TikTok addiction, the relationship with our devices contributes to tightness in our upper bodies.

By Optimize Physiotherapy
March 24, 2021

Patient Success Story: Stacey Petrie

Flipping through the air like she just don’t care. (But really, she does.) Fitness trainer and Optimize Physiotherapy patient Stacey Petrie gets personal about her journey to strength and stability. Competitive sports is full of champions, grit and inspirational stories, but it’s also an incredible encyclopedia of learning moments.  Stacey Petrie has taken on all

By Optimize Physiotherapy
February 1, 2021