Spinal manipulation is a manual therapy technique. That means the physiotherapist uses their hands to evaluate, diagnose, and treat joints. Our therapists are trained and certified to administer spinal manipulation, only when appropriate of course. Optimize’s physiotherapist will first perform a thorough evaluation of your area of concern and a detailed history of your condition before determining if this is the best route of treatment.

Manipulation techniques have been thoroughly researched in clinical studies and are proven effective for many different conditions. Spinal manipulation is a high velocity, low amplitude thrust that helps to restore joint alignment, improve mobility, improve joint lubrication, relieve muscle spasm, decrease tension in surrounding muscles, and provide pain relief. This small, quick, direct hands-on movement can provide immediate pain relief and improved mobility. Often, but not always, it’s accompanied with an audible “click” or “pop” sound.

Not everyone is a candidate for spinal manipulation—most often we define that as people with osteoporosis, fractured or weakened bone, neurological deficits, bleeding disorders, extreme joint mobility, and excessive pain.