Optimize’s services and treatments are all about you and the life you want to live.

Is physiotherapy essential?

If there was a time we gave this more thought than ever before, it was at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. Naturally, as physiotherapists, our answer is, “heck ya!”

In all seriousness, we consider the services we offer our clients essential—everyone (of any age!) is deserving of living pain-free and making the most of their daily routines. It’s vital. It’s holistic. The practice helps you to optimize your body’s ability to move and function in all that you do.

Treatment Totality

When most of us think of improving movement with physio, we likely imagine “hands-on.” And while Optimize uses manual therapy quite regularly, it is by no means the only thing we do. In fact, the other components of a full treatment plan—the assessment, the exercise therapy, and the advice—can often make up 90% of a client’s plan! That means through the ups and downs of changing restrictions, Optimize was still able to do that effectively through our online service, O2 – Optimize Online. Our virtual physiotherapy platform covers you if getting into the clinic isn’t a possibility.

But we can’t deny—in-person visits create connection. Optimize is different, and when you walk through our doors you understand that right away. Since we’re a clinic that prides ourselves on really knowing our patients, working to understand the exact ways you live, work, and play, we’re thankful we’re open for you.

Do it Your Way

Whether you’re comfortable booking an online session, coming to see us, or doing a mix of both—know we’re here to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability in your life. Although physiotherapy is usually associated with treatments for someone who has suffered an injury or accident, it’s actually an incredibly effective treatment path for so much more—maybe conditions you’ve never even considered. From approaching the natural effects of aging to helping those who suffer with specific diseases or disorders, we have the expertise to create an effective treatment plan that provides measured improvement. That’s how you optimize your life.

Take a look at the range of services and treatments we offer. Maybe you’ll learn something new, think of a question you need to ask us, or realize what might be missing for you!

Services We Offer:

Physiotherapy. Sometimes you just have to state the obvious! At Optimize, we aim to truly know you. Whether it’s supporting you through post-operative care, helping you return to sports training or finally kicking an old nagging injury, we’re here to provide you with the most comprehensive, hands-on, science-backed movement and functional rehabilitation available. 

Massage Therapy. From deep tissue to sports to hot stone, we offer all types of massages from our experienced Registered Massage Therapists.

Sports Therapy & Performance. Sports therapy, or advanced fitness rehabilitation as we like to call it, takes into account the ever-evolving nature of fitness and injuries. With constantly varied training methods being incorporated in all levels of athletics, we adapt our assessment and treatment techniques accordingly.

Workplace Injury (WCB). Our physiotherapists can perform a detailed assessment of your injury and establish a treatment plan for rehabilitation. We’ll fill out the necessary WCB forms and correspond directly with WCB on your behalf.

Women’s Health. From incontinence to pelvic floor pain to diastasis recti, we put major focus rehabilitating the pelvic floor muscles. For more detailed information, look at our Pelvic Health Brochure. (link)

Manual Osteopathy. The ultimate goal? Getting your body back in alignment! Manual osteopaths use hands-on skills for investigation and treatment of the whole body, using holistic methods to find and treat the root cause of your pain. Techniques include osteopathic joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, visceral (organs), and soft tissue therapy. 

Nutrition Services. When it comes to improving overall function, sometimes the missing link is nutrition and diet. After all, nourishing our bodies with proper fuel encourages maximum recovery and is critical in helping us reach our fitness goals. That’s why we’ve partnered with Registered Dietician Jenny Brown!

Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA). Following an initial MVA assessment, our physiotherapist will inform you if you’re eligible to receive treatments within the “Diagnostic Treatment Protocols” as legislated by the government of Alberta. 

Successful treatment plans often require consistency, adherence, and a range of techniques. Take a look and click through for more detail on what we offer: