At Optimize, our chiropractor uses various chiropractic techniques and a combination of other treatments for the highest level of care.
At your initial assessment, we perform a complete history and physical examination. A clinical diagnosis is established to identify the nature of your case.

Based on your assessment, we initiate a personalized treatment just for you. This can include soft tissue mobilization and chiropractic adjustments to alleviate pain and restore movement.

Once the specific problem is identified, the joints are adjusted by hands-on or instrument assisted techniques. It’s all about optimizing your health by restoring your movement and function, while alleviating pain.


Our experienced chiropractors treat a wide range of different injuries and conditions so you can move freely and in the ways that you want. Whether it’s supporting you through acute injury, helping you return to sports training or finally kicking an old nagging injury, we’re here to provide you with the most comprehensive, hands-on, science-backed movement and functional rehabilitation available. 

Before any type of treatment can begin, a chiropractor must complete a thorough assessment. Your first session would therefore include a full assessment and initial treatment.