Golf Performance Coach Jordan Jeske shares his formula for making the most of every moment—on and off the golf course.

To Jordan, golf is a test of character. The game is challenging, egos are fragile, and sometimes, outcomes go exactly the opposite way you want them to go. Still, he gives the game his all. He knows there’s always something to learn. 

From an initial career that wasn’t the most fulfilling, to dealing with crippling pain before playing in a golf tournament, Jordan has had no choice but to step up and figure it out. He’s learned to focus on getting stronger—both physically and mentally.

Back on Course

“I was a Journeyman Carpenter for over eight years before I realized I needed more out of life,” says Jordan. “Something that allowed me to have a bigger impact on the world and be truly passionate about my job.”

Jordan found his calling through his passion to move—or more specifically, swing a club. “My focus on golf has driven my desire for movement quality and efficiency in everyone that steps in the gym.” Now as a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Golf Performance Coach and FRC Movement Specialist, he aims to bring the best in golf and health fitness to as many people as he can possibly reach. That impact comes from being owner of The Projct, a specialty gym in Edmonton that covers personal training, group fitness, and golf performance.  “Young, old, golfer or not, I believe in getting my athletes moving better, so they can feel and perform better on and off the golf course.”

Chip Away at Challenges

Once Jordan connected with his passion to make it a living, the challenges didn’t ease up. In fact, they intensified. Launching, running and expanding a business pushes people to their thresholds. But, Jordan is all about overcoming with the right mindset, controlling what you can, and making strategic moves with the knowledge you have right in front of you. That notion has served him well when it comes to physical hurdles too.

“Doing what I do, I’ve had a few serious injuries over the years. Beyond my shoulder injuries, including some surgeries, one that really sticks out in my memory is when I threw my back out,” he remembers. “I was barely walking.” Most of us would say, fine, give it time…but Jordan was about to play in a major golf tournament in only a few days.

Use Your Team

Like all the other challenges handed to him before this one, he took advantage of the knowledge he had available to him. And that was physio.

“I saw the boys at Optimize and they got me in for three treatments, to a point where I was able to play. That was huge. I played, I enjoyed myself—together we made it happen,” says Jordan.

Perhaps the keyword is “together.” Optimize is known for its balanced and long-standing client relationships

“They listen to my needs and the team provides a full, in-depth assessment and puts a game plan in place,” he explains

Optimize’s holistic approach has been a major component of Jordan’s healing over the years. “They focus on optimizing the body and not focusing on the pain or discomfort, but what exactly is causing it. They teach proper mobility and stability techniques to help create sustainable change.” 

Tune Up to Level Up

Sports and fitness has always been a big part of Jordan’s life and he’s grateful for it. But it wasn’t until later, when he knew he wanted to be a performance coach, that he fully understood the importance of preparing your body for what’s ahead. “I think the majority of the general population think physio is only for when you hurt yourself, but we can also use it for prevention,” says Jordan, adding that regular tune ups can play a huge role in helping athletes live optimally.

In fact, Jordan advocates physio services for people who need a little more hands-on work to help move the needle so they can progress more on their own. “I tell my own clients, just like staying active, seeing a physio who knows your needs should be a part of everyone’s routine.”

It certainly fits with Jordan’s mantra: progress over perfection. 

“I’m all about making small changes each day and living for the pursuit of progression, overcoming something that challenged us, and accomplishing what we had set out to do.” 

Jordan knows that even when those days and weeks (or months!) have us feel like we’re spinning in circles, happiness and fulfilment is determined by how we choose to react to those tough circumstances.

 “We are in more control than we think, and making the choice to take control of our responses can make all the difference in our own world,” he shares. “And that’s all that matters.”

It’s a big idea, but sometimes the best way to put it into practice is to start simple. Round of golf anyone?